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New System Gives Blue Property a Boost

Although 2020 has been a difficult year, Blue Property’s recent transition to the award-winning ‘Blocks Online’ property management system has helped their services look better than ever.

A fully integrated software suite tailor made with managing agents and management companies in mind, our new property management system is cloud-based and collects everything related to property management in one place.

As a result, virtually any task related to the management of a building, or even an entire development, can be completed on the one system, rather than having to be actioned across multiple programmes. And because the cloud-based system can be accessed by any of Blue Property’s staff, from anywhere in the world, adopting the new system has immediately had clear benefits.

‘‘Even before the pandemic, Blocks Online would have improved our efficiency,’’ says Mark, one of Blue’s Management Team who helped implement the switchover, ‘‘with everybody working from home now, Blocks Online gives us that flexibility without compromising service quality. Almost every aspect of our service can now be carried out seamlessly in one place, and work tasks can be shared across multiple teams without having to switch between different systems – it’s cut the work time for some of our processes in half.’’

One the clearest benefits of the new system, Mark says, has been the increase in what he calls ‘awareness’ across the company: ‘‘Because all of our staff now use Blocks, everyone can see what everyone else is doing for our properties – maintenance issues can be monitored in real time as they arise, budgets can be amended and shared instantly. Every department is constantly kept in the loop about what’s going on. Now, instead of using three different systems and multiple emails between teams to solve a problem, it takes a click and a short message.’’

As well as improving Blue Property’s overall efficiency, it has also brought positive changes for customers, with an online account system making things easier, and their services more manageable.

Activated fully in the past few months, the online account system allows Blue Property’s customers to view their service charge statements and even examine relevant documents like budgets, work tickets or messages from the Area Managers or other staff.

‘‘We’ve had a lot of good feedback, from both our Area Managers and the customers’’ says Mark.

‘‘Because it almost works like a noticeboard, it’s much easier for customers to raise issues directly with the relevant manager, and they can do it anytime they need to. It makes us much more accessible, and concerns get dealt with quicker, so we’re much more responsive.’’

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